Diploma in Pain Management

The Diploma in Pain Management course is designed to turn you into a confident and experienced Acupuncturist with the skill to treat all pain related conditions.

Students will learn to help traumatic and sports injuries, and pain caused by external invasion of pathogens. We will introduce students to the basic tools of the trade; how to handle needles and to insert them safely using anatomical landmarks. Other skills, such as cupping, moxibustion, and the use of tens machine will also be included.

Once students complete their First Year they have the opportunity to begin earning immediately. Students are fully qualified and insurable after just nine months of training, making it perfect for those who cannot afford to wait three years to begin earning.

The system we teach is divided up approximately with one third devoted to lectures and the other two thirds practical.

As students move forward through the course they will work on Acupuncture formulas for various pain related conditions, and engage in role-playing to get you used to working with the system of treatment used in Acupuncture. There will also be ongoing revision and practice, until you perfect your needling ability.

Towards the end of the Year ONE Diploma course, we will be introducing students to some material they can expect to learn on the second and third years, and give a lecture on Eat Well, Breathe Well, and Sleep Well. This will provide the perfect stepping stone for moving into Year Two.

Topics covered in lectures include:

  • The Acupuncture Points and Meridians
  • The Principle of Yin and Yang
  • The Chinese Organs
  • The Six Basic Pulse types
  • The Seven Deadly Pulses
  • The Eight Principles of Diagnosis
  • Cold in the Channels causing Pain
  • Understanding Food and Diet
  • An introduction to the Five Elements
  • An Introduction to Year TWO - Eat well, breathe well, sleep well

Conditions covered in Year ONE:

  • Headache (anywhere on the head)
  • Toothache
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Elbow pain
  • Wrist, hand, thumb and finger pain
  • Upper back pain
  • Middle back pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Hips and Sciatica
  • Knee pain
  • Ankle, foot and heel pain
  • Acupuncture Year One
  • Graduation Day - Sat 29th May 2021

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    Q1. Which class am I in?
    The year in which students begin their first year and their country of attendance, will dictate the class number and area code students are in, for example: September 2016 in the UK would be CLASS 16UK. This class code will remain the same even when students continue to years TWO and THREE.

    Q2. If I cannot finish my course due to unforeseen circumstances, but would like to continue my studies in the future, am I able to do so?
    Yes. Students who have to put a hold on their studies for whatever reason may recommence their training in another academic year. However, to recommence their training at the same point they left, students must have paid their entire original course fee in full.

    Q3. What if I miss or cannot attend a weekend?
    Students must attend every weekend of training. If a weekend is missed they must arrange for extra tuition with the College (which comes at an extra charge). Furthermore, if a student is not progressing at the expected standard they will have to arrange for further tuition/training (this will have an extra cost). This extra time can be shared with other students.

    Q4. When can I start practicing Acupuncture at home?
    As students progress in their training, the OICCT will give written authorisation to students it feels are now at an acceptable level of proficiency to practice Acupuncture at home under student insurance. For students wishing to perform acupuncture on friends and family may only do so under the following conditions:

    • There can be no exchange of payment for services/treatments
    • The patient must be made aware of that the student is currently not fully qualified and under student insurance and be in agreement with these conditions

    Q5. Now I have finished my first year, what do I do next?
    Once students have finished their training and received their diploma, they are now fully qualified and insurable to start practicing acupuncture and open their own practices. The OICCT will give lectures throughout the course to guide students in their plans for the future.


    Course Fees
    Acupuncture - Doctorate

    Acupuncture & TCM (Year 1 - Year 3)
    • £2500.00 - course fees per year
    • £250.00 - course deposit
    • £250.00 - nine installments starting in 1st of september
    Masters in Oriental Medicine (Year 4)
    • £5000.00 - course fees
    • £500.00 - course deposit
    • £500.00 - nine installments starting in 1st of september
    Doctorate in Oriental Medicine (Year 5)
    • £5000.00 - course fees year
    • £500.00 - course deposit
    • £500.00 - nine installments starting in 1st september

    All Installment can be paid monthly and any outstanding balance must be paid before end of May of each year.

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      Name: OICCT Ltd
      Account: 30-96-09 75692768
      Ref: "SURNAME - Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4 or Y5"

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    Cheque payable to:

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