Basic in TCM

Students who continue on to Year Two will be introduced to more complicated conditions and gain a higher understanding of Chinese Medicine Philosophy. In the second year, there are approximately 70 conditions that will be covered, each of which will be put into one of three categories: eat well, breathe well and sleep well.

As students attend each weekend, they will be assessed on the conditions covered, and if passed, will be given authorization to begin seeing patients with said condition. This allows students to continue to add to the amount of patients they can take on.

Where in the first year the percentage of practical to theory was around 80/20, in the second year it will be more balanced at 50/50. Students will learn the use of more difficult to needle points, and also start to implement Five Element Acupuncture into their practice. The College will also expand students’ knowledge and use of the Eight Principles of Diagnosis.

Some of the subjects covered include

  • Five Element Acupuncture
  • Auricular therapy
  • Six Channels Cold & Flu
  • Advanced pulse & tongue diagnosis
  • More complex internal & external conditions

Conditions covered in year Two
Breath Well Eat Well Sleep Well
Acne Anorexia Anxiety
Allergy Appetite Concentration
Asthma Bloating Dizziness
Breathless Bulimia Emotional
Bronchitis Diarrhoea Fainting
Common Cold Digestive Disorders Fatigue
Coughing Dysphagia Hair Loss
Dermatitis Haemorrhoids Insomnia
Eczema Heart Burns Memory loss
Facial Skin Hernia Nervousness
Flu High Blood Pressure Night Sweat
Hay Fever IBS Psychological
Heavy Chest Immune Enhancing Sleep Disorders
Herpes Incontinence Stress
Phlegm Nausea Sweaty Palm
Pigmentation Obesity Temperatures
Psoriasis Piles Tinnitus
Rhinitis Stomach Upsets Tiredness
Sinusitis Urine Infection Vertigo
Snoring Vomiting Worry
Whooping Cough
  • Acupuncture Year Two
  • Graduation Day - Sat 29th May 2021

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    Q1. When I start my second Year, do I have to renew my Acupuncture student insurance?

    For students who do not have their own Acupuncture practitioners insurance upon starting their second year, the OICCT will cover the cost of renewing their student insurance. If students have up to date practitioners insurance this will cover their studies while attending lectures as long as it is valid.

    Q2. I want to attend the second year at the OICCT, but I was not a student of the first year. Am I able to enrol?

    Yes, however those who apply must already have a qualification in Acupuncture that meets the standards of the Year ONE course. Also, those who apply must attend an introductory weekend prior to the course commencing so that the OICCT can introduce students to our system. This weekend will cost £300.

    Q3. If I cannot finish my course due to unforeseen circumstances, but would like to continue my studies in the future, am I able to do so?

    Yes. Students who have to put a hold on their studies for whatever reason may recommence their training in another academic year. However, to recommence their training at the same point they left, students must have paid their entire original course fee in full.

    Q4. When can I start practicing the new conditions I have learnt at the College in my practice?

    As students progress in their training, the OICCT will give written authorisation to students it feels are now ready to practice what they have learned in their lectures in their own practice.

    Q5. What qualification will I receive when I finish my second year?

    Students will receive a Basic Traditional Chinese Medicines on the completion of the second year.

    Course Fees
    Acupuncture - Doctorate

    Acupuncture & TCM (Year 1 - Year 3)
    • £2500.00 - course fees per year
    • £250.00 - course deposit
    • £250.00 - nine installments starting in 1st of september
    Masters in Oriental Medicine (Year 4)
    • £5000.00 - course fees
    • £500.00 - course deposit
    • £500.00 - nine installments starting in 1st of september
    Doctorate in Oriental Medicine (Year 5)
    • £5000.00 - course fees year
    • £500.00 - course deposit
    • £500.00 - nine installments starting in 1st september

    All Installment can be paid monthly and any outstanding balance must be paid before end of May of each year.

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