Feng Shui Courses

Why Feng Shui

Feng Shui can do much more than you thought you knew, as many of us only known Feng Shui is to arrange furniture and moving mirror arround to improve your income or love life. In fact it does not promote this but helping health problems, resolve finance matters, avoiding accident and mishaps, increase intellegents, prevent from harm and promote well being for you and your family.

Our Course are structured in a simple method of understanding starting from basic up to advance. Click on the courses for more information

Feng Shui Courses

Feng Shui

Focusing of how to improve your health by correct aligment and avoiding bad influences
  • An Introductory to Feng Shui.
  • Understanding your birth chart.
  • Determine your flying star.
  • Improve your own and family's health.
  • Learn Bed alignment to optimise your health and speed up recovery.
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Feng Shui Training

Feng Shui

Buy a wrong feng shui property can cause detrimental effect on the occupancy, and knowing how to correct the bad feng shui homes requires a deep understanding of how energy works.
  • M1 - The three negative years and four animals
  • M2 - The eight mansions and avoiding negative energies
  • M3 - Eight killings, 9 curses and dates selection
  • M4 - Water dragon, Feng Shui Home clensing
  • M5 - Consultation Procedures
  • M6 - Case Studies, involving practical consultation and bad feng shui homes
  • M7 - Case Studies, identify negativity property
  • M8 - Case Studies, simplify recommendation and changes
  • M9 - Confidently and accurately consulting Feng Shui for Home
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Feng Shui Courses

Feng Shui

Conflict between employer and employees are never a good evirolment to working, or producing a product that cannot be sold, as well as financial lost due to repeatitive health issues of staff can cost profitability as well as man hours.
  • M1 - Compatibility between superior and staffs.
  • M2 - Office planning and layout.
  • M3 - Income, Expenses and Safe location
  • M4 - Building influency by nine flying stars
  • M5 - Staffs efficiency analysis
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Feng Shui Training

Feng Shui

Non compatibility partner can cause from argumentative to conflict of financial loss, and in some cases can result in critical illness or even death.

Feng Shui Courses

Feng Shui

Choosing a Feng Shui burial site is one of the most difficult task, even an excellent plot has been found but burial in the wrong time or direction can cause adverse affect to the family for generations.
  • Y1 - Feng Shui mountain, river and burial sites
  • Y2 - Flat land sites
  • Y3 - Dates selection
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Feng Shui Classes

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Q1. How long are the courses?
Feng Shui for Health is one day course of an introductory to Feng Shui. Feng Shui for Home will take five months to complete, each month require one day of lecture and home work to improve your practical skills. Feng Shui for Business is also schedules similar to Feng Shui for Home.

Q2. When can I start?
Setempber of every year is the start of all courses, however Feng Shui for Health is schedules quaterly,please check course dates for details.

Q3. What qualifications do I need to enroll?
No qualifications are needed to apply.

Q4. Can I pay by instalments?
Yes, once you pay a deposit, and monthly payment of the outstanding amount throughout the courses, as long as the full amount is paid on or before the last day of the course.

Q5. Will we be writing a lot of essays?
No. These are not courses where essays are set. You won’t write essays for a living, so we don’t ask you to do them. You will earn your living using your skills in practical and consulting and this is what our college focuses on. The OICCT offers the practical hands on skills that you need to become successful.

Q6. How much time is spent doing practical work?
One third of the course is devoted to lectures, and the other two thirds to practical.

Q7. Are there any assessments?
Assessments will be conducted at intervals throughout the course. These are for the benefit of you and your tutors, allowing both parties to see which areas you may be struggling with and help you accordingly.

Q8. What if I want to postpone my training after during the year?
Students wishing to postpone their training and come back some time later are welcome to do so.

Q9. How will you help me to get to work?
The OICCT gives tremendous amounts of support to its students once they decide to start their own busienss.


Course Fees
Feng Shui Courses

  • £100 - Feng Shui for Health
  • £1500 - Feng Shui for Home
  • £1500 - Feng Shui for Business
  • £1000 - Feng Shui for Marital
  • £5000 - Feng Shui for Burial (three years course)

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