Junior Acupressure Course

Here at the OICCT we have looked for a way to educate children to help prevent many of the health problems that we are seeing in young adults today

Our junior acupressure course includes much of the Chinese medicine theory on our adult’s year one acupuncture course, substituting acupuncture for acupressure. This course will include information on how to stay healthy, avoid illness and improve their diet.

The course would allow our students to improve their knowledge of the human body while at the same time providing a way for them to deal with their own pains and injuries and optimize their health with the knowledge they will gain.

This course is available to students aged 9 to 16.

At the end of the course the student will receive a “Junior Acupressure Certificate” from the OICCT. Students must attend all days to be certificated if a session is missed a catch up session must be arranged.

Course Duration – 3 months, Every Tuesday 18:00 - 19:30

  • Group S - September to November
  • Feng Shui Courses


    • Basic TCM Philosophy
    • Meridians and Point Location
    • Tongues
    • Acupressure Skills
    • TCM Nutrition

    Class Year Planner

    Acupressure class dates
    Class S Tue Tue Tue Tue
    Sep 5 12 19 26
    Oct 3 10 17 24
    Nov 7 14 21 28

    Q1. Will there be any additional costs on the course?

    No. Everything required for the students on the course will be provided.

    Q2. How do I arrange a catch up session if my child misses a day?

    Just give us a call or come in and see us so we can arrange a time where we are all available to catch up. (An additional cost may be incurred for this depending on the situation)

    Q3.My child is at the younger end of the age bracket (9) will they understand?

    Yes. we have structured the course to be easy to understand for everyone, if something is not understood we will find a way to explain before moving on. No student will be left behind.

    Q4. What will my Child receive at the end of the course?

    At the end of the course the OICCT will award a Cetificate in Junior Acupressure to the Student on graduation day on last saturday of may each year.

    Q5. Can my Child advance their education with yourselves?

    At the moment this is the only course we have aimed at children, However if your child wishes to study Acupuncture in the future, we will discount the year one course to £1000, instead of £2500 for those with a Junior Acupressure Certificate.

    Course Fees

    Two weeks cooling-off period, if you change your mind.
  • £300 - Course Fee
  • £200 - Discount applied to BTD Youth Student for over 5 months

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