Signature Analysis


A unique skill that have not been explored by many others around the world, you may heard hand writing analysis, or other similar reading. But to able to read and translate a signature of a person is like an open book.

“I was amazed by the accuracy of Master Nguyen reading of my signature in 2002 and only since 2010, I relised that his reading all came true.”

signature anlaysis

Basic Signature
One Day Course

  • Understand the strokes
  • Personality reading
  • Signature sizes
  • Signature gaps
  • Relationship and Spouse Compatibity
  • signature anlaysis

    Intermediate Signature
    Three Days Course

  • Signature differences
  • Past Present and Future
  • Positioning in the society
  • Financial gain or lost
  • Hidden agenda
  • signature anlaysis

    Advance Signature
    Five Days Course

  • Stokes Calculations
  • Health interpretation
  • The impact of changing signature
  • Influencing the changes
  • Complicated signatures
  • Available Soon
  • Q1. How long are the courses?
    The Basic Signature Analysis course is only one day, this gives you an understanding of how to read and interpreted the signature. The Intermediate Signature course runs for three days over two months, and the Advance Signature Analysis course will be five days offering the calculation of the signature of it's past present and future.

    Q2. When can I start?
    All Signature courses begin in September every year. Basic, Intermediate and Advance courses will be publish with the Year Planner for the OICCT.

    Q3. What qualifications do I need to enroll?
    No qualifications are needed to apply. The only requirement is a passion to learn what we teach and a desire to help others.


    Course Fees

    Installment is to be paid monthly and outstanding balance must be paid before May of each year.
  • £500.00 - Basic One Day Course
  • £1000.00 - Intermedicate Three Days Course
  • £1500.00 - Advance Five Days Course

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